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"Creating a Better World"

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A tradition of innovation

From Wuttke's first commercially viable software to the initiation of revolutionary user interfaces, Wuttke Technologies has continued to innovate and work towards the realization of a better world.

The following are some of the biggest accomplishments and newsworthy events of company's ambitious history.

  1. Version of Denigma
  2. Version of Denigma
  3. Version of Denigma
Module A
Content Key
  • Health
  • Energy
  • Information
  • Environment
  • Secruity
  • Robotics
  • Transport
Denigma Destiny Underway

Based on recent classified findings by Wuttke researchers, the company determines the exact specification of the next version of Denigma for a long-time pet project Denigma Destiny. New round of investment is immediatly opened and mission planning enters full-swing.

Janury 15, 2015
Wuttke Reorgnizes

Wuttke Technologies consolidates all products and solutions into seven verticals: health, transporation, energy, electronics, environment, security and robotics.

September 1, 2016